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From: Paul Nesline
Subject: Duke of Love Chapter 2Dear Reader,
Welcome back! Wow, I can't believe I wrote a second chapter
today. I never realized how much fun writing could be. I hope you
enjoy this chapter. There's no sex in this chapter, but there are some
romantic moments. Comments and suggestions are young labia welcomed. Hope you
Direct all e-mails to dukieromantichotmail.comIMPORTANT! READ THIS FIRST! DO NOT CONTINUE ON UNTIL YOU HAVE FIRST
Disclaimer: This story is a fantasy of my own creation. The characters
are not real; they are figments of my imagination. If a consensual
relationship between two of age males bothers you then do not read
further. If you are under the legal age in your area stop reading now.
Duke University is in no way affiliated with the story. The story
implies nothing about any official positions of Duke University, any of
its faculty, staff, students and employees. Any similarities between a
character and young nudist russia
a real human being are purely coincidental. Any actions
the reader takes as a result of reading this story are not the
responsibility of the author. You may print out one copy or save one
copy of this story for your own viewing and entertainment. You may not
reproduce, post, young bareback or distribute this story in any way without the
author's expressed written permission. By reading further you agree to
the above terms.A Duke Love Story
Chapter 2
...The bus pulled up to the stop, the doors opened and the bus began
unloading. Jacob and Paul stood, both smiling, to disembark. Jacob
forced his way into young girls masturbating
the isle and allowed Paul to exit in front of him.
Paul quietly stated
"Thank you Jacob."
"You're very welcome," Jacob responded. Jacob followed Paul
around the bus and they began walking up the quad. Jacob looked down at
Paul and noticed he was uncomfortable in his wet clothing.
"Why don't we go get you changed into some dry clothes?" Jacob
"Yeah that's a good idea."
"I know," Jacob said smiling, "I'm full of good ideas."
"That remains to be seen," Paul replied sticking his tongue out
at Jacob. Jacob just shook his head and smiled as the continued walking
up the quad. Paul stepped up the curb and began walking towards Giles
"So you live in Giles," Jacob said more as a statement than a
"Yeah," Paul stated simply. Paul pulled out his card, and slid
it through reader. He waited for the light, as it clicked to "Valid"
and unlocked the door. He quickly opened the door, and held it open for
Jacob. Jacob smiled warmly at Paul, causing him to blush, as Paul
followed him into the building. The ascended the brief stairwell to the
main level.
"So which way?" Jacob asked, looking down at Paul.
"This way," Paul said turning to his right and walking down the
hall to the stairwell. Jacob turned and followed him. As they ascended
the stairs, Jacob caught himself staring at Paul's butt. He chastised
himself for even thinking like that now. hot young celebs 'I haven't even gotten to know
the boy yet, and it was only a few minutes ago that he agreed to spend
the rest of the day with me, and already I'm letting my dick control my
thoughts.' Jacob shook his head and continued walking down the hall.
Paul walked half way down young illegal fucking the hallway, stopping at a door on the left.
He inserted the key and unlocked the door. Paul paused before opening
the door and looked up at Jacob.
"I apologize in advance for the mess," Paul said shyly.
"Don't worry about it," Jacob replied with a warm smile. Paul
grinned and then opened the door cautiously walking into the room.
Jacob stepped in and looked around. Paul's room was a double, obviously
Paul had a roommate. One side of the room was a mess, clothes were
strewn across the floor, books and paper lying everywhere, except for a
small path leading to the other side. Jacob noticed sarah young mpeg Paul headed to the
opposite side of the room. Jacob closed the door, just standing nubile young things
watching Paul go about his business. Paul laid his bag on the bed, it
had a blue comforter, was made neatly, the pillows stacked against the
wall. Lying on the pillow was a single stuffed animal, a stuffed Panda.
Jacob smiled to himself and thought 'that's so incredibly cute!'
Scattered around Paul's side of the room were nubile young things posters of various outdoor
scenes. One of a valley containing a waterfall, another of a view from
the top of asian lolas young a mountain. 'This boy has good taste,' Jacob thought to
himself. Jacob's gaze stopped on Paul when he noticed Paul open his
dresser and start going through the drawers. Paul pulled out a pair of
blue plaid boxers young porn met and set them on the bed. 'Ah, boxers,' Jacob thought
to himself, 'there's one less question that I have to ask.' Paul also
laid out a pair of cargo pants, Preggo young a plain white t-shirt. Paul gathered up
his clothes and shyly smiled at Jacob.
"You can come sit over here if you want," Paul stated shyly.
"Ok, I'll do that," Jacob said striding over and taking a seat
on Paul's bed. Paul walked into the closet, throwing his damp clothes
in the hamper. He quickly changed and grabbed a button down shirt from
his closet. Slipping it over his shoulders he left it handing open and
walked out into the room. Jacob looked up at Paul, smiled and asked
"Who's this?" while holding up Panda. Paul looked at him and
"That's Panda," he said looking at the floor.
"How long have you had him?" Jacob asked getting up and walking
over in front of Paul.
"Since I was a newborn," Paul answered. He didn't notice that
Jacob was standing in front of him until he looked up and found himself
looking straight into Jacob's chest. Paul jumped a little and stumbled
back a little. Jacob chuckled.
"Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you," he stated sincerely. "He's
very cute," Jacob said still holding Panda. He handed the bear to Paul.
Paul took the bear from Jacob and said
"Thank you." He smiled shyly up at Jacob, and then walked past
him placing the panda bear back on the bed. Paul turned around and met
Jacob's gaze. Paul blushed and looked down.
"You're very cute," Jacob found himself saying. Paul blushed young strawberry bd a
deeper red and said very quietly
"Thank you." He then looked up and asked, "So you said you
wanted to spend the afternoon with me, what did you have in mind?"
Jacob smiled, looked Paul dead in the eye and said
"Well how about we go get lunch, and then we'll decide from
there?" Paul smiled and nodded in agreement. "Come on, let's go,"
Jacob said taking Paul's hand. Paul smiled and let himself be led away
by this gentle Giant. An hour later, Paul found himself walking through the gardens
carrying a bag of fast food. Paul was walking next to Jacob following
the taller boy's lead.
"Where are we going?" Paul asked quietly.
"To a quiet spot that I know of, where we can sit down in the
shade, eat our lunch and talk," Jacob smiled down at Paul.
"Oh," Paul said quietly, "That sounds really nice." They
continued on, walking around the pond and then up into the trees. Jacob
suddenly turned off onto a side trail and walked back. Paul looked
around, having never been in this part of the gardens before. They
emerged onto a small clearing, in which sat a pond with a small
waterfall. "This is beautiful," Paul said softly.
"Yes, it is," Jacob replied. Then looked Paul straight in the
eyes and continued, "Just like you." Paul blushed again, he found
himself doing that asian lolas young a lot around Jacob. Jacob reached out and took
Paul's hand, leading him over to a bench. Jacob sat down and Paul sat
down next to him. They sat together quietly, eating, watching the
waterfall and listening to the birds. Every very young blonde
once in a while Jacob would
glance young russian defloration
down and Paul to find him smiling and gazing about in wonder.
Jacob would smile to himself and was heartened that Paul seemed to be
enjoying himself. The two finished lunch, Jacob collected their trash
and walked over to the trash bin and threw it away. He returned to the
bench and sat down sideways so he was facing Paul. Paul noted this and
turned to face Jacob. Smiling, Jacob began
"Hi, I'm Jacob." Paul giggled and said in reply,
"Hi, I'm Paul." Jacob smiled and reached out to shake Paul's
hand. Paul took it and they both said in unison "It's nice to meet
you." They laughed, but youngest illegal nudes didn't release each other's hands. Jacob
looked down at his hand and noticed the side of Paul's hand in his.
Paul's hand was so much smaller than Jacob's, but yet, Paul's hands
weren't small, they were "normal" sized, but Paul's fingers were thin
and graceful. Jacob guessed 'I bet Paul plays the piano.' Suddenly
Paul asked
"So where are you from?"
"I'm from San Francisco," Jacob responded. "Where are you
"Oh, I'm just from Baltimore," Paul responded. "What's your
full name?"
"Jacob Jon Johnson," Jacob said. Paul giggled and asked
"J-J-J?" Paul couldn't control it and burst into laughter.
"Yeah, yeah, yeah. It's not that funny you know," Jacob said,
with a smile on his face, "Well maybe a little, but definitely not
enough to be laughing like you are." Paul settled down still with a
huge smile plastered across his face. "What about your name?" Jacob
asked. Paul blushed.
"Paul Sullivan Nussbaum," Paul stated quietly. Jacob grinned
"Pissin?" Jacob asked and started chuckling.
"Yeah," Paul said blushing. When Jacob calmed down he began
asking young sister fucking
Paul questions.
"So what are you majoring in Paul?" Jacob asked.
"I'm going to double major in Mechanical younger nudism Engineering and Music.
How about you?" Jacob was impressed.
"I'm premed and I'm majoring in BioChem," Jacob responded. Paul
smiled and simply stated
"So more about you," Jacob began, "how old are you, and when is
your birthday?"
"I'm 18 and my birthday is on February 17. What about you?"
Paul questioned.
"I'm 18 too, but my birthday is on February 1st," Jacob
"Oh Cool!!!" Paul responded.
"Do you have any siblings?" Jacob asked.
"Yeah, two," Paul responded, "a brother and a sister, both
younger. How about you?"
"I'm an only child." Jacob said.
"Oh, ok," Paul responded. "Are you out?" Paul asked cautiously.
"Yes and no," Jacob responded. "I'm out to my parents and to
whomever asks, but I don't walk around telling everyone. I usually
don't do what I did today, but I just had to take the chance."
"Oh," Paul said. "I like the way you think. In fact I'm almost
exactly the same, well minus the asking random guys who you ran over to
spend the rest of the day with very young nimphets
you." Paul said smiling.
An awkward silence settled over the two. Jacob released Paul's
hand and they each withdrew their hands. Both Paul and Jacob turned and
stared young female bodybuilders forward. Jacob thought to himself, 'Wow, this is an awkward
silence. I feel so bad, Paul is sitting there uncomfortable and
nervous. He's shifting around, cause he doesn't know what to do or say.
I am going to have to make the first move or continue the conversation.'
Jacob made a decision. He scooted over and put his arm around Paul's
shoulder and drew Paul up next to him. Paul looked up at Jacob, smiled
and cuddled up next to him.
"Soooo," Paul said. "Are we dating now?"
"Yes," Jacob smiled down at Paul.
"Ok," Paul smiled and laid his head on Jacob's chest.The two sat and talked quietly all afternoon learning about each other's
likes, dislikes and family. Jacob learned that Paul played both the
piano and trombone. He learned that Paul was a quiet person, and didn't
enjoy parties. Paul learned that Jacob spent a lot of time in the gym,
and in fact sang. The two sat together talking quietly, every once in a
while looking at each other and smiling, which usually caused Paul to
giggle. They were enjoying each other's company that they didn't notice
the passage of time.It was getting darker, and Jacob noticed Paul shiver.
"Are you getting cold?" Jacob asked.
"Yeah, just a little," Paul whispered back.
"Ok, then let's head back." Jacob said. He stood helping Paul
to his feet. Then he pulled young strawberry bd
Paul into his arms hugging him younggirl sex tightly. He
leaned down and whispered into Paul's ear, "How about we go to my room,
order dinner, and watch a movie?" Jacob asked. "It's a date," Paul stated smiling up at Jacob. young nubile teens Jacob grinned
and placed a kiss on Paul's forehead. Paul smiled up at Jacob and said
"Thank you Jacob. That was nice." Jacob leaned down again this
time pressing his lips to Paul's in a chaste kiss. He came up, and Paul
sat there, slightly dazed.
"Come on," Jacob said, "let's go have our date." Jacob took
Paul's hand in his and they walked slowly back to the bus stop. When
they reached the main quad, Jacob didn't release Paul's hand. He looked
up at Jacob questioningly. "Don't worry baby," Jacob said, "no one will
mess with us, after all, I am six feet, eight inches tall, muscled and
strong as hell. I look very intimidating if I do say so myself." Paul
smiled and nodded. "So you think I'm intimidating, eh?" Jacob
"No! Yes! No!" Paul said confusing himself. Jacob laughed and
squeezed Paul's hand reassuringly.
"Don't worry babe, I'm just messin with ya." Paul giggled
softly and said
"Ok Jacob." They arrived at the bus stop and stood waiting for
the bus. They got a few looks, but no one commented, after all, Jacob
was 6'8. Paul smiled to himself and looked up at the behemoth that had
claimed his heart. 'Uh oh,' Paul thought to himself, 'I'm already
falling for him and I've only known him since this morning. But we did
have a real conversation, and he's such a great guy, not to mention his
looks. Dear God he's beautiful, no, he is a god.' The bus arrived
snapping Paul back to reality. He and Jacob boarded the bus, again with
Paul against the window and Jacob sitting next to him. They held hands
as the bus wound it's way back to east campus. When it arrived they
disembarked, walking to Wilson, directly across from Giles. This time
Jacob opened and held the door for Paul. Paul walked in, and then Jacob
led him up the stairs to the third floor. They turned right and headed
down the hallway to the corner room. Jacob and Paul both stopped in
front of the door. Jacob smiled down at Paul who looked back nervously.
Jacob squeezed his hand, slipped his key in the lock and opened the
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